GREEN JUICE for you and the kids!

After finishing the refreshing 10 day cleanse, I have stumbled upon 2 great green juices that can often be powerful enough to replace my coffee habit or get me through my 3PM energy drop.

Kid’s Favorite:

Lettuce, Cucumbers, Apple: Throw them in the juicer and enjoy. 1 apple goes a long way. Try to make it 3/4 green and 1/4 fruit.

Mom’s Favorite:

Lettuce, kale, Celery, lemon, Ginger: Throw them in the juicer and enjoy! 80% green 10% lemon and ginger. 1/4 inch of fresh ginger is perfect!


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Football Sunday

What do you do on Football Sunday!? 😉

Be prepared or make the best selection as possible and drink lots of water!

Day 7 of the cleanse and I feel reset! I have discovered what foods are triggers for me and what I should be avoided or limiting! For me and for one of my sons, it is clearly dairy. Something that I knew; however, throughout the holidays had fallen into bad traps and habits. Once you feel how clean and fresh you can feel without trigger foods, it is easy to reset.

I challenge everyone to put themselves through elimination diets one food at a time. Start with dairy then move to wheat and gluten. Next step is sugar and caffeine! You might surprised and amazed at the results. If you need more assistance with the process, reach out to me and I would be happy to guide you!

Thank you Spark Wellness and Choosing Raw for resetting me and bringing me back to me!

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I cannot tell a lie – 2 Fig Bars.

It is day 4 and I feel the best today then I have felt since day 1!

From my subject, you can tell, I had a down moment yesterday. I was very tired and had a cranky child on my hands, hips, legs all day. NO EXCUSE, I KNOW. My reaching for the fig bars was not out of hunger or a sweet craving. It was frustration and a need for a jolt of some energy to get through it! I did not exactly regret it afterwards; however, I knew there were better choices I could have made.

Going through the cleanse is a great way to slow down and truly tune in to the body and what it needs and how it is feeling. Those of you who I work with know this is a HUGE part of my counseling programs. It is something I strive to do everyday with myself and have slid off track over the past month.

So after grabbing those fig bars and chowing them down, I took a deep breath (or MANY). 😉 I checked in with myself. I realized I needed more water and more sleep. The past month has been filled with late nights, sleepless nights, and 4:30 AM wake ups. I put myself to bed by 9PM last night and when I rose this morning at 4AM, I took some time to calmly look at my day ahead and prepare.

Where and I am going?

How long will I be away from home?

What will I need?

Do I have my water bottle?

Then I prepped the family for their day.

All set, I grabbed my 24 ounces of “green lemonade” and off to work I went!

Today’s Green Lemonade includes kale, lettuce, celery, lemon and ginger and it has given me a calm, focused and gentle energy that my morning cup of joe could not have given!


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I slowly woke my body up this morning with water and lemon which I have been out of habit of doing. Made the water warm – not cold, not hot, not boiling. Sipped it as I prepared everyone’s breakfast and myself for work. I think glanced at my options for breakfast. I chose to go with option 3 and it was delish!

sliced banana, raisins, chopped walnuts and 1 cup of organic almond milk


I am at work. I have energy and I am ready to pass that energy on to my clients!

It is going to be a good day!


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Cleanse Begins Today!

As a holistic health counselor and personal trainer, I value and understand the need for a clean, healthy body! As a human, I understand temptation and the way our primary food (career, relationships, spirituality – LIFE) affects our eating. As a working mom, I understand how many obstacles and stresses can get in the way if we do not prepare and stay prepared.

I believe my result of failing my past detox attempts was the strictness of them and my own unreadiness! They often required juicing all day every day or going for long periods of time without food. They may have worked if someone could send me off to a retreat somewhere where I could sleep and get massages and read all day! (Every Mom’s dream!) 😉 AND In the past,  I was willing to cleanse. I was able to cleanse. BUT I was not ready!

I have all the good “stuff” in my eating. There is very little processed food and lots of whole foods. However, I understand what the environmental toxins do to our body and I like many others fall back in love with sugar during the holidays. What is a health counselor to do?? – –  Pick up a good book! 😉

After completing Lick Your Sugar Habit by Nancy Appleton, I stumbled across this cleanse while reading through my amazing IIN alumni forum. I took a peek at a sample daily menu and said I can do this! This is how I eat and strive to eat MINUS my daily sugar and caffeine fix! This is realistic and it has options. For a working Mom and ANY Mom who needs to keep up their energy throughout the day. It looks great!

Spark Wellness and Choosing Raw have put something great together and I will keep you posted on my journey every step of the way!

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Feel Lighter, Have More Energy and Feel More Focused!

Several times in my past, I have attempted a cleanse or detox program and 100% of the times, I have failed. My addiction to sugar and caffeine in the mist of a busy lifestyle failed me every-time. Yes, I said addiction.

For many years, I lived straight on the “calorie in, calorie out” theory. I would just sweat it off the next day or next couple days. From very young, I would be able to chow on 3 bagels for breakfast or down a box of Entemann cookies after school. Then college came and the sports and activities were replaced with parties, late night “MTO’s” (My fellow Penn Stater’s know what I am talking about with a Sheetz MTO!) and Pizza, and sleeping in. Fortunately, it only took 1 semester to wake up a bit and start adding fitness back into the routine. (It might have been my younger brother’s comment on Christmas morning when I tried on new pants that were 3 sizes bigger then I left wearing  4 months prior or my father’s threat to get the grades up or I was coming home.)Nevertheless, I was back on track — working out and studying hard. The weight came off and I just observed the calories to maintain.

Fast forward….

*after 5 years of teaching and observing the foods the children brought into school and how it was directly linked to their focus, energy, and behavior.

*several years of personal training wondering why those few clients just could not break through those last couple of pounds.

*and 2 children later with less time to “sweat it off” and crazy mood swings.

I knew it was WAY more then calories in and calories out.I slowed down and became more in touch with what my body was telling me daily. I started to read more about nutrition. I went to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and my whole word began to change. The question was no longer, Are you FIT? The question was, “Are you WELL, HEALTHY, HAPPY, FULL OF ENERGY?”

I had no problem incorporating the “good stuff” into my daily eating. I began to realize the importance of balancing out my primary food (work, relationships, spirituality). I realized I could do more and be more for my husband and children. Most importantly, I realized the sugar has got to go!

When you slow down, you increase your awareness you truly begin to understand what your body is telling you and what your body needs. In the middle of the busiest time of my life, my body is telling me now! I am ready to FEEL LIGHTER, HAVE MORE ENERGY, AND FEEL MORE FOCUSED! I am ready to be the true role model I envision myself to be for my children, family, friends, and clients.

Time to clean up this toxic system and get it and me functioning as it should! As I cleanse, I will share my 10 day journey with you! I share it with you to show you that we are all human. Life comes at us in different ways at different time. Let’s strive for true OPTIMAL HEALTH!

Tomorrow, I will share with you the resources of my cleansing journey and a bit about the program. I will then take you on my personal 10 day journey! It is time to FEEL LIGHTER, HAVE MORE ENERGY, AND FEEL MORE FOCUSED!

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I just came from a meeting today and can’t resist sharing about it! Today’s post will be a bit informal, but as you will find – that is me! Kids-Move and Mommy-Moves are working hard to build programs for the whole family that address your wellness needs.

I think Lori (co-founder of Kids-Move and owner of Mommy-Moves)and I are dreaming of the day when our meetings will not consist of children in the background, on our laps, in our ears and the constant deep breathes trying to stay focused and put aside all our other Mommy, Wife, Work duties. One thing we know that will stay consistent is our passion and drive to build the ultimate family health and fitness company!

Raising a healthy family is not easy. We personally strive and work hard at it every day  and every moment. The one thing we both recognize is how important it is for Mom and Dad (no matter what the age of the children) to take care of themselves! We are our children’s number one role model. They are watching us, learning from us, and adapting their behaviors from ours! They need, want and deserve a happy and healthy parent!

Through all our schooling, professional experience, and personal lives, we know that the number one step is to MAKE A PLAN and SET YOUR GOALS. I constantly talk to my nutrition clients about their plan – for the store, for the day, for the week,for the month. You will NOT move forward with out it and there are key strategies that we have learned over the years on how to make that plan and make those goals become a reality!

After making a plan and setting goals, you will know how exercise can fit into your life; however, the key here is not just any exercise, but the RIGHT EXERCISE for YOU at this time in your life. It is going to change. We need to adapt and move with the change. We all know the benefits of exercise, but do we know how to make it work for us!

After setting goals and forming and exercise plan, the next topic is usually shedding the pounds or improving their diet for health. People have many different reasons for wanting to shed the pounds. No matter what they are, we need to learn how to do it right for our own INDIVIDUAL BODY and we need to learn how to do in a REAL WAY and HEALTHY WAY. If you can accomplish this, you will be looking at a long, HIGH QUALITY  life!

Kids-Move and Mommy-Moves discovered that Whole Foods Markets are on a similar mission of helping people and families live high quality, healthy lives! So we teamed up with them to offer an amazing and innovative WELLNESS Workshop Series and you will not want to miss the next 3! You will be setting up 2010 to be YOUR YEAR for REAL HEALTH and HAPPINESS!

For just $30, in the cozy cafe at Whole Foods in Middletown, you can attend all 3 of the following Wellness Workshop:

GET YOUR FITNESS FIRE (Make a Plan and Set Your Goals)

with Jen Vieth, Thursday, January 14th at 7:30PM


with Lori Sawyer, Thursday, January 28th at 7:30PM


with Mary Patterson,  Thursday, February 11th at 7:30PM

The workshops are ordered in a way that we KNOW works. I think we all know by now that the short cuts work short term. Stop taking the short cuts and do it right this year! It is a lot easier then you think!

Email or call me for registration or any questions!


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